ACTNow retention services

Some of ACTNow's Projects...


Isn't it time to take a temperature check? You clients and employees want you to know how they "think & feel".


Is you image in need of an update? Updating your website annually is a great way of keeping your image fresh. Major companies change their logos at least every 10 years.


Consider what could happen if your employees improved their positive engagement by even 5%.

Corporate Identity

Info, Services, Contact

eCommerce Websites

Images and videos combined into an effective full service website.

Interactive Employee Handbooks

Handbook, Standard Operating Procedures


Orders, shipping, credit card processing.

Corporate Websites

Image and ordering combined into an effective full service website.

Training Programs

Presentation, Writing, and Communication Skills


Registration, newsletters, careers.

Corporate Websites

Image and services.

Training Programs

 Dynamic Interaction Skills
Humanistic Interaction

Listener-Based Presentation Skills


 Briefing Techniques


Technical Presentation Skills


Customer Portals


Communication Skills




The Art of Relating







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